NEW 2023 Single Wall Kitchen – FEICHE

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Product Information
Code: PLCC23003
Specification: L4288*H2750mm
Door panel process: YMG065
Door panel material: PWMG1383, PWMG1382
Door: YMG065
Cabinet: PWGA0046
Countertop: PWTY1081
Hardware: PWNS0101A

Product design: The simple streamlines and matte metal visual effect make the space color temperature more full. The kitchen cabinet for sale presents a dynamic high-quality sense in the static. The passion for pursuing extraordinary life is hidden in the soothing atmosphere.

Structure layout
One-line layout, compact and reasonable moving lines, ingeniously connecting different functional spaces.

Process Description
Blister molding technology realizes simple but not simple line blister door design. Exposed handle with four-leaf clover design.

Humanized function
This kitchen cabinet is designed with a medium-height small appliance operating table for the needs of young kitchens, which is compact and practical. The kitchen cabinet combines open shelves with various lighting combinations, display glass cabinet design and minimalist wall hangings to enhance the transparency and beauty of the space, thus creating a modern light luxury kitchen. The streamlined and reasonable moving line integrates washing, cutting, cooking, and meal preparation space requirements to meet the diverse and personalized lifestyles of customers.


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