Dark Green Modern Bathroom Vanity PLWY21113

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Design: The design philosophy is derived from pure Italian minimalism, and the inspiration design is taken from the midsummer forest, based on nature, revealing the original texture and color.
Rock slab countertop: On a dark gray background, the gray water ripples spread out wantonly; the Mohs hardness is as high as 6, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant.
Ultra-thin edge ceramic basin: matched with bright and clean ultra-thin edge ceramic basin, light luxury and elegance greet your eyes.
Beauty stool: Hidden beauty stool, opened into a stool, and integrated with the cabinet when closed.
Basin cabinet: Large-capacity U-shaped drawer, reasonable use of the under-counter basin space, opening and closing room to meet the order of storage

Wall cabinet: Metal frame, with dust-proof and moisture-proof glass door; double-row open and close cabinet, both storage and display dual experience; marble leaf pattern cabinet background breaks the visual monotony.


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