NEW Beige Kitchen Cabinet – Camon

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Door panel material: Melamine      Door color: PWMA0351, PWMA0350
Countertop Color: PWTY1092       Style positioning: modern minimalist

Kitchen Cabinet Design Concept: Minimalism does not equal simplicity. The simple lines of the kitchen cabinet CAMON can also greatly enrich the visual experience. The atmospheric stone patterns and lines are integrated into one, exuding natural beauty. This new custom kitchen cabinet in 2022 uses 3D embossed imitation jade door panels to bring the visual effect of natural beautiful jade. The vertical stripe elements are used in harmony, and the silver thread is combined with the cloth pattern, which is stable and timeless. The design of the glass sliding door makes the whole kitchen space clear, and the light and shadow are interlaced.

Kitchen Cabinet Highlights:

1. The kitchen cabinet bar table is combined with an integrated sideboard, which saves space and can not only be used for meeting guests, but also for work and entertainment;
2. The kitchen cabinet door panel technology uses 3D embossing and imitation jade effect door panel, the silver thread is combined with the cloth pattern, which is low-key but does not lose the connotation;
3. The glass sliding door is more delicate and adds joy to life.


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