U-shaped Lacquer Kitchen Cabinet PLCC21051

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Product Design: The minimalist door type with its own arc is a tribute to the minimalist design of Behrens, the father of German minimalist design. Jumping color combinations add a playful touch to the rationalist aesthetic. The unique minimalist door shape and jumping colors are like playing dancing notes on the music score of world-famous songs.
Color matching: The calm titan gray meets the beautiful red, and is decorated with golden handles, giving a family of three a happy feeling.
Structural layout: U-shaped layout design, small and delicate, easy to sample, extending the design of the slate bar. While improving the kitchen operation function, it protects the health of the family in an all-around way.

Material characteristics: The door panel adopts imported BASF paint, and the skin-feeling red paint door panel has a pure and meaningful color. Titan gray car paint with silver flash adds luster to the original gray tone, showing a stable and not old-fashioned connotation.

Process description: The unique inner arc shape paint door panel design, with the golden handle inlaid door panel, makes the door shape more minimalist and more integrated. The slate bar tabletop design, with the new minimalist bar legs, adds the function of meal preparation to the cabinet. It also creates an interactive scene for the user.
Function/Humanization: The glass cabinet design can be used to store baking tools, making the steaming and baking operation more convenient. The metal open shelf with light above the sink can not only be used for temporary shelving of items but also can be used to place accessories to increase interest. Sufficient light will make washing easier for users. The slate bar design meets the market demand. The wall-mounted system with a powerful storage function solves the problem of too many items and difficult storage for you.


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