NEW White and Black Lacquer Kitchen

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Design: Inspired by Tchaikovsky’s classic ballet “Swan Lake”-delicate feeling, light dancing posture, blend of white and black.
Color: White dark texture Bosmian white with dark gray matte paint black. Black and white echo each other, with embellished metal color handles, to create a light and luxurious cabinet with a light and luxurious texture.
Structure: F-Shaped, which maximizes the utilization of kitchen space, and reasonable movement.
Craftsmanship: The door shape is embedded with golden handles, combined with metal strips, and the coherent overall lines create a luxurious texture.
Material: Skin feels white dark texture, matched with dark grey matte lacquer.
Function/Humanization: A small household appliance cabinet with pull-out modules in the cabinet and a functional shelf on the table greatly increase the storage space of the cabinet. It also increases the practicality and product texture; the shallow drawers of the bar counter echo the glass cabinets, which enhances the practicality of storage, and also makes the product design more beautiful and smart without being dull.


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